Thursday, July 10, 2008


This morning, on a whim, I delved deep into my digital archive and found my earliest radio pilots, from two years ago - these I listened to, alongside recent radio shows I've been doing now, and came to some rather surprising conclusions.

1, the things I used to hate about my performance when I'd just recorded the pilot two years ago .. I can no longer hear. There are still some flaws, but they're completely different ones.

2, I was much more open and creatively expressive. I was doing so much more original, funny stuff than I am doing now - now I would be terrified of saying or doing any of these things. My bosses might disapprove. Somebody might yell at me.

Sad but true, I was a much more engaging and interesting radio personality before I started being "format".

The value is in looking at some of your older work, and seeing if you've cut out some of the most refreshing, best aspects of your work, in a bid to be more "successful".

Can you relate? ^^

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Anonymous said...

i can relate !